Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mitt following ever more surely in Republican ways

January 6m 2007 many newspapers around the Commonwealth reported that incoming Massachusetts Govenor, Deval Patrick, warned that the state has a 1 billion dollar shortfall caused by the ". . . patches and plugs and games and gimmicks that were played by the previous administration." The previous administration being that of now presidential cadidate Mitt Romany.

In his defense Romney spokesman, Eric P. Fehrnstrom, said that the out going administration left Patrick with a blueprint for a balanced budget for the 2008 fiscal year. The the short fall for 2007 only appears because "Patrick restored $383 million in cuts Romney made in November to balance this fiscal year's budget."

Patrick explained his decision to restore the money saying that "many state agencies and people made spending plans based on the $383 million after it was approved by the Legislature in July; some agencies had already spent the money before it was slashed by Romney at the very end of his administration."

Fehrnstrom, also said that "the challenge with the budget is overspending by Democrats in the Legislature."

Right, tell that to the teachers in the Commonwealth's colleges and universities who have done with out raises for the last few years. Tell that to the state colleges and univeristies, who are the jewell in the Commonweatlth's crown, doing without. It is an industry that was once known for it's quality, standards. It was "the" place to go if someone wanted the best education by a state higher education system.

This is another fine example of Mitt following in Republican ways, and their distain for public education, look at how those rankings have dropped under the "fine" leadership of Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney, Bush III?


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