Friday, January 05, 2007

Can we finally see the flag draped caskets?

Can we finally see the flag draped caskets?
Can we finally honor our service men and women the way they deserve to be honored?
Can a local newspaper finally show the flag draped casket of those who served and died for this war. This lie.

Can the reality and finality of the cost of this war, this lie be fully felt by the members the community that produced what now turns out to be Bush's cannon fodder. The flower, the bravery of the next generation deserves more from us for their noble and great sacrifice than what we are allowed to give.

Are you afraid of a few pictures Mr. Bush? You aren't afraid to make us fear, why are you afraid to let us mourn.

These families who have given so much to this nation deserve for their loss to be front page above the fold. Pictures of the casket coming home with an inset portrait of the serviceperson. Pictures of the casket passing by flags and yellow ribbons as the way is made to the church, synagogue, mosque, temple, etc. -- pictures and thoughts to say "You aren't alone in your grief, we share and which ever side of this we are on, we grieve with you."

No pictures, no story. Solitary sacrifice, solitary grief, solitary morning.

Go shopping Mr. Bush.

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