Friday, February 15, 2008

And this is supposed to gin up excitement?

If this is supposed to be Hillary's answer to Obama's video, well I'll let you be the judge.

Now compare it to's Obama's video

Okay beyond the fact that's is totally grassroots and a volunteer effort by all involved and HIllary's has paid preformers, this isn't even up to the standards of an "Up With People" song.

Her support video is really, really, really awful. I don't think the music for her vid would make it to elevator music. And I wonder what would Simon Cowll think of the song? Can you hear him?

Here's some "Up With People" to make some comparison (and hopefully clear out that horrendous sludge of Hillary's video from your brain.)

Actually, sadly no, it's going to take this to blast it out. Crank it up!

Or even this

Oh hell, let's just make this musical Friday with 2 more. It may take all to clear the awful Hillary vid and music from your brain.