Sunday, November 30, 2008

We are even behind Pakistan!

I was watching the tv this weekend, when a commercial from Shell came on.

The commercial spoke of Shell’s commitment to finding alternative energy, and it spoke about CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). It was the standard, “look at what we are doing, we have a commitment to the environment and to getting America off foreign imports” yadaa yadaa yadda

It touched a little on the fact that we have loads natural gas right here, in the US.

No kidding! I used to see the natural gas burn off from refineries as we drove from Denver to my grandparents in KS along Kansas Highway 96. And even as a child I wondered “WTF? Why aren’t they using this for power instead of burning it away?”

Okay I didn’t say WTF back then, as a child in the 60’s I think my strongest word was “doggone it.” But “WTF” now, more accurately represents how I felt back then.

And then came our gas crisis in the 1970s and still, driving back to both sets of grandparents there was the natural gas burn off at the oil refinery we passed. You could see it for miles on a clear Kansas night and again my response “WTF?” and it was even stronger.

So now I’m watching this commercial and they said something that set me over the edge... something so sleezily dishonest but so soothing for those who’ve never been outside the country that they can try to look like good guys now.

The commercial said that Shell was “developing” CNG.

Developing . . . as in still working on it,

Developing . . . as in still perfecting it,

Developing . . . as in it’s just right around the corner,

Developing . . . as in one or two more passes on the merry go round we’ll get to touch the brass ring...

Developing . . . !!!!!


Shell Station in Islamabad, Pakistan - taken August 2008

This is a Shell station in Islamabad, Pakistan. If you can’t see the back two pumps (5 and 6) let me move in a bit.

close up pumps 3, 5 and 6

I took this picture and what follows, when I was in Pakistan in August 2008.

Shell in Islamabad Pakistan listing the fuel they sellShell already HAS CNG developed.
Shell already HAS pumps for dispensing CNG.
Shell already HAS CNG stations.

And these stations serve both CNG cars and petrol run cars. There are also stations in Pakistan that are solely CNG or soley petrol. In fact in Pakistan there are more CNG stations than there are petrol stations.

More cars and more buses are run on CNG. Hell, they can even convert them!

But thanks to Oily Bush and buddies we are further behind PAKSITAN in developing, using and converting cars over to CNG.

In this instance, a country in the developing world is MORE developed that the Lone Super Power. More developed than US.

Still Shell puts out an ad saying “we working on it, be patient.”

Be patient ....
be f*cking patient while we grab all that we can- hoping that you never know that we already sell and service CNG . . .and even if you do, what are you going ot do about it?

How long would it take Shell to begin selling CNG?
It's the end of November right?
I've been back home for 3 months
. . . not even that long.

Shell could have put some people back to work building the plant, converting/upgrading stations, etc. etc.

But never fear, Shell is "working on it."

Because they know most Americans don’t know that the technology is already here. Because they know most Americans don’t know that the world already uses it, including troubled Pakistan. It's still promoted as a novelty here!

Meanwhile, while the only work that needs to be done for CNG is this country is building the plant (they don't have to start from scratch - it's already up and running somewhere else), bring in and set up the equipment, upgrading filling stations, and offering conversions.

And also meanwhile Bush is trying to ram through regulations to weaken environmental and endangered species protections so his buddies can drill for more oil. And they will still have to build the derricks and the platforms and put in the pumps ... for oil that won’t be enough, and won’t be ready for use for 5 to 10 years.

We feel all warm and fuzzy when a state vehicle passes us and it said "powered by natural gas."

"Oh look," we say "We're going GREEN!". . . and we pat ourselves on the back. Good for US! [end snark]

Meanwhile we have an "s" load of natural gas beneath our feet. Gas that oil companies have been burning off for years as a waste product while they developed it in other countries.

Would the “drill baby drill,” “American exceptionalism” crowd really feel proud knowing how far behind we’ve fallen?

We’ve fallen so far behind in this area that even troubled, developing/3rd world Pakistan is beating US! (Don't get me wrong I love Pakistan, really I do, BUT come the f@ck on!)

And still there is Shell, who has everything already developed and at it’s disposal, LYING in advertising to the American people and NO ONE calls them on it!!!!!

UPDATE 1/11/09
A friend of mine emailed me that a fleet of trucks for Denver state government was converted to CNG.

Many state and local government vehicles have been coverted to CNG, BUT unlike Pakistan there aren't CNG stations or a push to covert cars to CNG for the average private citizen.

Pakistan does have government vehicles which have been converted to CNG too just like many of our state and local governments.

Until CNG is widely available for everyone in this country CNG will always be considered a novelty, Shell will continue to say it is "developing" gas to liquid technology like it's not already available.

And Pakistan will still be a head.