Thursday, February 16, 2006

Snippet from Yesterday

Yes, I've been away. By need I have had to devote a lot of time to assisting in fighting a development in my town, which has taken a number of twists. And it has also taken my time from other things.

But here is an impression of yesterday:

"But the image of him falling is something I’ll never be able to get out of my mind. I fired, and there’s Harry falling. And it was, I’d have to say, one of the worst days of my life, at that moment." - VP Dick Cheney on shooting an acquaintant in his hunting party, Whittington - appearing on FoxNews with Brit Hume 2/15/05

I have not been able to get this statement out of my mind.

Since I heard it I wonder and have wondered how many US Service men and women who have been sent to an illegal and useless war, who've watched friends, enemies and the innocent die, can say this and feel this way. Given that my exhusband is a Veitnam Veteran and that during the 1980's I became very good at spotting other Vietnam Veterans (something in their eyes), I say very many, most, if not all, have felt or feel this way.

One thing is for sure, Cheney will get top notch PTSD counceling, both public and private, if he feels the need. Our service people who've had to deal with more death, more images of people going down will be lucky to get half that.

David E Fablog

P.S. Jasmine, lost your phone #, please call.