Friday, November 07, 2008

We now return you to your regular life

Some time last year I made a decision, to take the donation I make every month and give it too Obama's campaign.

My thought process was:
I have only so much I can give every month. There are a lot of worthy causes that need this money, people are hurting. BUT if Obama is elected less people will hurt in the long run.

So I made the decision to temporarily cease giving to my favorite charities in favor of getting Obama elected.

Now with that accomplished, it's time to get back to "regular life."

While I've been "away" from my charities several things have happened: The economy has gotten worse, more people are hurting, there is more need, fewer jobs and less money. And with less economic security, difficulty getting credit and student loans more young people are considering going into the military for some security. It always happens this way.

While people are cutting out spending, and cutting back, charities are feeling the pinch. While they can make do with less, they can't make do with nothing. Once I was told by a preacher than when you give what little you have to help someone else, it is returned to you 10 fold. His word for it was “blessings” another word for it is “karma.”

It’s time to turn our attention back to the causes and charities that need us.

Unfortunately our money pinch is effecting our soldiers. Mail and "care packages" to the troops are at their lowest level since we started in Afghanistan. They are feeling forgotten.

I don't know if you have ever been away from home in your late teens or early twenties, feeling a little alone, a little lost and a lot of homesick. Waiting for a letter, an email, a phone call from home. If you have you can relate, as I did, to our soldiers.

I was away in another state going ot college, it was my first time away from home. I loved getting Mom’s care packages. Unlike our soldiers though I could go home for Christmas, spring break and for the summer. They can't, and they are in Afghanistan and Iraq for a year or more.

They are feeling forgotten.

I heard a veteran say this morning that there is very little that is a greater feeling than to hear your name called at mail call, when you are far away from home. And very little that is a more desolate feeling when your name is not called.

I heard the same thing from my ex-husband, a Vietnam vet.

It has always done my heart good that one of the things liberals and progressives learned from Vietnam and have not, by enlarge done this time around, is to blame our soldiers for our governments policies. We have stood up for our soldiers and their needs during and after their tours of duty, and their new life outside the military. We have shown that “support the troops” can be more than empty words and symbolism.

With the war(s) not finished, the fear that Bush's last parting gift is a war in Iran, and more kids going into the military we need to be there for them even more.

So today I ask you, to set aside a little bit of money, maybe the money that here-to-fore would have gone to the Obama campaign, and let a soldier know that we still care.

Treats for Troops
Let them hear their name during mail call .