Tuesday, January 16, 2007

About Global Warming; Scientists and Evangelical Christian Leaders CAN Get Along

Yes I know that Rich Cizik might be seen as their Joe Lieberman, but . . . .

from Yahoo
In February 2006, 86 evangelical leaders signed a statement to fight global warming, saying that human-induced climate change is real, that its consequences will hit the poor the hardest, and that Christian moral convictions demand an urgent response.

They argued that governments, businesses, churches and individuals all have a role to play. Signatories included presidents of evangelical colleges, aid groups, churches and pastors of megachurches.

The powerful National Association of Evangelicals, however, did not join the initiative. It is unclear whether Cizik's involvement in the new campaign will lead the organization to adopt the environment as a central part of its agenda.

Evangelicals and scientists previously failed to launch a large-scale joint initiative, partly because of differences between evolutionary science and a literal interpretation of the Bible — a rift that dates back to Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection.

Those who met in Georgia, however, are expected to argue that the threat to life on Earth is too great to let the rift prevent them from working together to combat greenhouse emissions.

I wonder if Frosty "No Condoms or Gore" Hardison is available for comment.

I hope the Seattle Post-Intelligencer does a followup story/interview with this new information, especially for the sake of the kids in Federal Way, WA.

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