Friday, March 06, 2009

Republicans PUNKED by Liberal Talk Show Host

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March 3, 2009 on Larry King liberal talk show host, Stephanie Miller said:

MILLER: Nancy, you are right about one thing. We love this episode of Republicans eating their own. It's delightful and it's not solving any of the serious problems that the country is facing. You know who is it good for? Rush Limbaugh. He loves this attention. If I could say something tonight that gets me that kind of attention, like maybe: Rush Limbaugh should be executed for treason. How about that?

it's at about 1:15

Thursday afternoon Noel Sheppard picked up on it, Lib Talker: 'Maybe Limbaugh Should Be Executed For Treason'

Predictably Miller's email box began to fill with right wing hate mail. (Friday morning she read many on air throughout the show.)

Then around 1am EST March 6, 2009, World Net Daily picked up on it. Execute Rush Limbaugh for treason? That's what Obama-loving talker suggests on CNN

Hot Air also picked it up. It may be hitting right wing websites like a metal ball in a pinball machine.

This is exactly what Stephanie Miller stated she wanted on yesterday's program. They are making her day!

What is funny is that the transcripts on both Newsbusters, Hot Air are WRONG and incomplete in regards to what Stephanie Miller actually said. (the quote above IS correct) Funny, but not surprising.

Miller was clearly joking, but many conservatives haven't picked up on that fact.

I wonder if Rush will comment on it today or "wait" for a caller to his show to bring it up today.

Still waiting and watching Drudge.


UPDATE: Freepers got it too! Interestingly enough their transcript has the same omissions and mistakes. Hmmm you think they are copying and pasting the purported "transcript" without looking at the video? /snark

I've been out and have so idea if Rush answered this.