Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bad, Bad, Evil George Soros, it's all YOUR Fault, again

I just visited Paul Shanklin's site. He's a neo-conservative political satrist. Rush Limbaugh (who regularly plays his stuff) calls Shanklin the "man of many voices." Okay so we have the awesome Jim Ward, among others, as a voice diety.

I was looking for something they had done on Hillary 6 to 10 years ago. While there looking for this bit that was done on Rush about Hillary (it's not there or under a title I don't remember, EIB may have done the parody themselves) I happened to listen to a clip from Shanklin's latest "American Spastic", entitled Big Oil. And I guess I shouldn't have been shocked but despite what we KNOW about Dick Cheney having secret meetings with big oil and allowing them to write enviromental and oil policy, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, George Soros, Democrats, etc. are to blame for gas being as high priced as it is.

And the poor whittle oil companies are only earning $0.09 a gallon.

Yeah right.

No wonder dittoheader blame the Iraqi war failures on "Democrats," and their supposed "lack of support and not letting the generals run the war the way they want (ie bomb everything, always) and not where the blame lies; Rumsfled's policies, lack of troops, lack of armor, lack of knowledge of the enemy (Sun Tzu is shaking his head right now), etc. etc. etc.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Would you be for a federal tax increase?

Would you be for a federal tax increase if it was for real and verifiable increased boarder patrol, increased board security, enough staffing so that all cargo containers coming into the United States can be physically searched and inspected, upgarded air traffic control equipment and fully 24/7 staffed control towers?

Or is this kind of tax increease, for your safety, your children's safety and the safety of the nation still too much for you to pay?

Is public safety and security a function of the local, state and federal government or not?