Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Progressive Talk Radio Back in Boston! YOUR TURN 2 Support

Last week we got Progressive Talk back in Boston!

Now we need your help to make sure EVERY liberal progressive who is able to get the signal, wants to stream on-line, or just show support, knows about this.

If you have liberal and/or progressive family and/or friends who live and/or work in Eastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire or Northern Rhode Island (today I discovered the signal carries down that far) please email them the note below.

It's up to us to support and promote liberal progressive talk radio.

Please copy and paste everything in the blockquote

SUBJECT: Guess What? It's Back!

Guess what?

Liberal/Progressive TALK radio is back in Boston and Eastern Massachusetts! At WWZN-Boston AM 1510 http://revolutionboston.com/

You may have wondered where the “counter” to Rush Limbaugh, Jay Serverin, Sean Hannity and the like were on Boston radio. Isn’t a healthy debate where at least two sides of an issue are represented? Like many liberal talk radio formats across the country progressive talk radio in Boston disappeared.

It wasn’t and isn’t because left wing radio isn’t marketable. That’s a fairy tale. It is because it hasn’t been supported by the companies that owned the radio stations. After all, if you can’t make liberal progressive talk radio work in the bluest city in the bluest state in the union, you have no business in radio.

WWZN-Boston AM 1510 is the new home of liberal progressive talk radio in Boston. With a 50,000 watt signal to reach the greater Boston area, west to Worcester, south to Brockton and north to Concord, NH. The signal has been found strong enough to reach as far south as Attleboro, MA and Pawtucket, RI some 40 miles away!

Here is the Monday - Friday line up

* The Jeff Santos Show 6am - 10am

* Stephanie Miller 10am - 12pm

* Ed Schultz 12pm - 3pm

* Thom Hartmann 3pm - 6pm

You can find out more about the hosts below.

You can listen to AM 1510 in your car or on the train to and from work, and you can LIVE STREAM on your computer at http://revolutionboston.com/

Forward this email to all your liberal and progressive friends and family who live and work in Eastern Massachusetts! Let them know that “Progressive Talk Radio is BACK in Boston!”



Jeff Santos
on twitter http://twitter.com/JeffSantosShow

Stephanie Miller
on twitter http://twitter.com/radioguychris

Ed Schultz

Thom Hartmann
on twitter http://twitter.com/thomhartmann

Support progressive talk radio!

(After 7pm M-F and on the weekends WWZN-Boston AM 1510 is almost totally sports)

Please check the links before you send out the email (to as many people as you can) because some email programs do not like the way I've formatted the links.

Thank you again for your help!