Tuesday, March 07, 2006

For the anti-abortion crowd: Stats on Children Available for Adoption (you adopted any?) part 1 of many

After two weeks of fighting the flu, I may just now have a handle on it! Horray!

A few weeks ago I asked on Americablog why is it considered more heinous to force a woman to have an abortion (China) than it is to force a woman to be pregnant?

I also wrote the following in the wee hours of the morning some days ago in response to Molly's "DYI abortions." Calling it "DYI Abortion" is really a misnomer, it is a manual of the abortion procedure like those done in JANE Clinics pre-Roe v Wade.


When I was 16 I decided that abortion was not right for me. I made the choice. I wouldn't think of making that choice for someone else. At 43 that someone else is my 21 yo daughter.

While the pro-lifers are very, very shill in their opinion, even resorting to name calling, they don't answer any questions about what to do instead.

That is instead of calling a woman a whore.

Do they for instance adopt or provide foster care for these children? Question was broached here(on the comments section), they did not answer.

They did spout unsupported "facts" about those seeking abortions. Here are some facts from adoption.com

Skyrocketing use of drugs and alcohol, leading to higher numbers of drug exposed children, has been targeted as a primary factor in the increase in children placed in out-of-home care in the late 1980s and 1990s.

New England
Studies estimating the incidence of prenatal alcohol and drug exposure do not agree upon a precise incidence level:

2.6 million infants each year are prenatally exposed to alcohol. (Gomby and Shiono, 1991)

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) affects between 1.3 and 2.2 children per 1,000 live births in North America each year. (Streissguth and Guiunta, 1988; US DHHS, 1990)
Cases of Alcohol Related Birth Defects (ARBD) outnumber cases of FAS by a ratio of 2 to 3 to 1. (Abel and Dintcheff, 1984; Streissguth and Guiunta, 1988)

Illicit Drugs
Each year, 11% of all newborns, or 459,690, are exposed to illicit drugs. (Chasnoff, 1989)

More than 739,000 women each year use one or more illicit drugs during pregnancy. (Gomby and Shiono, 1991)

A substance exposed infant is born more frequently than once every 90 seconds. (Schipper, 1991)

Many of these are un-aborted children up for adoption. You pro-lifers going to take them in? You say "it's a child, not a choice" so now put your money, your life, your finances, etc where your mouth is.

While you are forcing women and girl's to maintain their pregnancies, are you then adopting the children, some with long term health effects. If not, why not? It's not convenient for you, perhaps? Shouldn’t you who are working hard for this baby to be born then shoulder the responsibility of raising this child?

What about the father’s of these un-aborted babies? Why do they get off scott free? Why not pass a law that all men/boy upon reaching the age of 14 must submit their DNA. That way even if the baby is a result of rape or incest you can go after the father. Every child will know who his or her father is, and the states can go after them for child support, and/or put the rapists and abusers in jail. Hopefully they’ll do a better job with dead beat dads than they do now. To burdensome you say? Treats
all men as guilty you say? Violates rights of privacy you say?

Well by making abortion illegal you’ve already removed privacy for women. Actually you all argue that there is no such right, so there you are. As for treating men as guilty, well many of you have already done that by assuming the pregnancy was a choice and by calling those wanting an abortion, whores.

As for burdensome? What is more burdensome than being force to maintain a pregnancy for 9 months and then raising a child for 18 years? Raising that child with decreasing social programs, no health care and being condemned to live in poverty. To add insult to injury if you are not white, you already know the baby you give birth to probably never will be adopted.

Those with AIDS, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, birth defects, learning disabilities, genetic behavior issues or who are no longer infants/ toddlers even if their white, have even less of a chance of being adopted.

So go ahead, bang the drum of anti abortion, tell us that we will have to answer to God for our pro-choice stance. But you will also answer to for all the children you had means to adopt and did not.

Thanks Molly


More in part 2