Saturday, April 22, 2006

First they came for the gays

First the American Christofascits came for the gays
then they came for abortion
then they came for contreceptives
and now they are coming for sex toys

What next? Video cameras or raids to make sure we are only using the missionary position, or checking to make sure only the man has orgasim and the woman (carrying Eve's "sin") has no enjoyment at all, or stopping at every motel/hotel to check for a marriage license?

Why are they so preoccupied with sex?

Geez, keep your religion off my body and out of my bedroom!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

How to Greet King George; relearning protocol

Since we, in the USA rejected the idea of royalty leading us for over 200 years, we are a little rusty on protocols on meeting, greeting and dealing with royalty.

So I did some research to help us ignorant yanks re-accustom ourselves with royalty and how to act.

the Prince (or Princess) is initially addressed as "Your Highness," and the King (or Queen) is initially addressed as "Your Majesty." Then, in subsequent conversation, "Sir" or "Ma'am" are used, with an occasional repeat use of "Your Highness/Majesty." The familiar "you" must not be used. The title "Ma'am" is NOT pronounced "marm," as some will have it; say, "ma'em" smoothly (two syllables gives an artificial Southern accent to the word).

When in doubt, the generic "Sir" or "Ma'am" will serve until the correct address can be ascertained. However, don't wait too long. If you wish to know a person's rank or title, simply ask. Furthermore, if you have forgotten a name, simply ask. You will not be thought rude. Nobles and Royals, like everyone else, also suffer from "name slippage," so if you can repeat your name in your conversation, that action will be much appreciated by others.


The term "physical courtesy" means the bow (for men) or the curtsy (for women). Where a curtsy is not possible for the woman, as, for example, because of age or infirmity, the bow is substituted. You bow/curtsy to the Head and Chief of Arms of a Royal House and to the Head's spouse. The bow or curtsy is not exaggerated and does not call attention to it. Physical courtesy is done once upon being introduced and once upon leaving the Royal presence. Do not offer to shake hands unless the Royal offers a hand first. Generally, elected officials of the U.S. Government who are representing the U.S. government at an event and active U.S. military members in uniform who are representing the U.S. government at an event neither bow nor curtsey to Royals, but do shake hands when the Royal offers a hand. Elected officials and military persons, when not acting in official capacity, may bow or curtsey to a Royal.

A slight bow by the man is made from the waist while the head bows and the eyes look at the feet of the Royal. For lesser Royals, only the head bows and the eyes look at the feet of the Royal. The bow is not exaggerated, but is dignified and given smoothly and with quick deliberation.


The lady curtsies by placing the ball of the right foot behind the heel of the left foot, with the feet at a natural and comfortable angle to
each other to maintain balance; simultaneously, the hands are crossed at the breast and the head is bowed slightly while the entire body is slightly "dipped" at the bent knees. The curtsy is not exaggerated, but is dignified and given smoothly and with quick deliberation.

Visiting Royalty to an event sponsored by a Royal House are not in their own Courts and receive a lesser bow or curtsy


Also Bright Ideas and True Confessions: How and What to Do and Why is a good read about royal "presence."

Picture credits:
Tudor King George
Coronation Portrait of King George

Monday, April 17, 2006

Ringmate for Dissenting Voices

Since those who are pro-Bush, pro-war, pro Republican and "pro-America" seem to have a problem with American values, our constitution and the right and guarantee to express dissenting opinions (hopefully without fear), it should become standard operating procedure for those organizing anti-war, anti-Buah, etc. protests to use a distinctive ring or Ringmate phone number to list on press release or other contact information.

Distinctive ring (ringmate) usually only adds a little cost every month to a phone bill. What ringmate does is send a different ring "pulse" to your phone. The ringmate ring sounds different that your original ring. The neat thing about this is that you can tell by the ring is someone wants to talk to you, or a different house member. Say your telephone's standard "ring" is ring (wait 3 counts) rings (wait 3 counts ring. . .

A ringmate "pulse" might have the ring on your phone rang like this. "ring, ring" (wait 3 counts) "ring, ring." While your hear a different ring the person calling hears no difference. It also has it’s own unique phone number.

It runs on the same line as the original phone number with no additional hardware to purchase

Since the ringmate phone number is in addition to your original phone number it can be divested easily, (should death threats, etc. begin coming in ) without loosing the original primary number.

This would be a wise, self protecting thing to do, just in case other Michelle Malkin's of the world get a hold of press releases from dissenting voices, and think that publishing them on the world wide web is a wise thing to do.

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