Monday, April 17, 2006

Ringmate for Dissenting Voices

Since those who are pro-Bush, pro-war, pro Republican and "pro-America" seem to have a problem with American values, our constitution and the right and guarantee to express dissenting opinions (hopefully without fear), it should become standard operating procedure for those organizing anti-war, anti-Buah, etc. protests to use a distinctive ring or Ringmate phone number to list on press release or other contact information.

Distinctive ring (ringmate) usually only adds a little cost every month to a phone bill. What ringmate does is send a different ring "pulse" to your phone. The ringmate ring sounds different that your original ring. The neat thing about this is that you can tell by the ring is someone wants to talk to you, or a different house member. Say your telephone's standard "ring" is ring (wait 3 counts) rings (wait 3 counts ring. . .

A ringmate "pulse" might have the ring on your phone rang like this. "ring, ring" (wait 3 counts) "ring, ring." While your hear a different ring the person calling hears no difference. It also has it’s own unique phone number.

It runs on the same line as the original phone number with no additional hardware to purchase

Since the ringmate phone number is in addition to your original phone number it can be divested easily, (should death threats, etc. begin coming in ) without loosing the original primary number.

This would be a wise, self protecting thing to do, just in case other Michelle Malkin's of the world get a hold of press releases from dissenting voices, and think that publishing them on the world wide web is a wise thing to do.

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