Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ending the Slave Trade coming into the US

From NPR:

"The legislation would also require that all cargo containers entering the United States be scanned for nuclear materials and other potential weapons.

Many lawmakers say that scanning everything that comes into American ports is just not practical. But this isn't the final version of the bill; the Senate Homeland Security Committee takes up its ideas later this month."

One thing that hasn't been discussed or even hinted at when discussing scanning all containers coming into American ports, is that it would discourage and/or end the trafficing of workers for the sweat shops and sexual slave trade. Human beings (mostly women) are loaded into containers, like cattle, like cargo, at other ports and and shipped here to the US, where they are off loaded to work in an underground economy here on American shores.

IF sweat shop and sexual slave trade can move people via cargo containers, why not a couple hundred terrorists? The functional lines or this mode of “travel” have already been well established and well known in many countries. It seems that all any aspiring terrorist would need is a way to grease some palms and to pay for passage. (That thought not only terrifies me by enrages me.)

But I guess hoping that those lawmakers (read Republicans) who have supported and not outraged by the goings on in the Northern Marianas Islands, it is too much to expect them to be outraged by people herded into cargo containers like cattle, to work in sweat shops and the slave trade here on the main land.

Searching all the containers would also leave the Republicans without avenue for the boogey man to get into this country AND end another item they could try to pin on the progressives and democrats of this country.

So much for the "Party of Lincoln!"

Let's hope the Democrats do NOT back down!


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