Friday, October 14, 2005

MSM proves why the blogging world is so important

Glory Hallelujah! The MSM are now willing to admit publicly, what they and bloggers have known for years; that the White House press events are staged and scripted. With this development the MSM has also proven why the blogging world is so important. Bloggers have had this story first, have reported on it extensively and were not cowed by the administration. Much like the underground newspapers of the 60's and 70's.

Given the power of the blogosphere, especially the blogging left, the right is trying to minimize, control and maybe even destroy blogging. But reading the blogs you can get not only a fuller, fleshed out picture of the President's "conversation" with the troops, and analysis, but also a full understanding of how the MSM has failed. This is true of many topics about the White House and the political party that currently holds power.

What bloggers give to the nation is this depth, differing points of view, feet to the fire reporting and analysis. This is what has long been lacking in this nations MSM, and why many only go to the blogophere for news now.

Here's a sampling:

UPDATED TO ADD: The Moderate Voice Bush "Staged" Event Still Mired In Controversy, Staged Bush Military Photo Op Caught By Reporters: The Nose Grows?, The President's Teleconference Talk With Military From One Who Was There

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