Friday, October 14, 2005

Fawell, Nye and Borowitz: Great CBS Roundtable

CBS - roundtable. This collection is almost too good to be true. (You may need to scroll down to "Natural Disasters & Religion")

Likewise is Falwell stating "the myth of global warming." (Smith does cut him off, and he doesn't allow Falwell to rebut Nye.)

Why is it that the majority of the science community says that there is no argument about if there is such a thing as global warming is over. There is global warming, argument over. But a couple of scientist can say "no it aint," and that's who Falwell (and Rush Limbaugh) decide to listen to?

I guess it's that same reason that they have a few scientists out of the majority say that evolution is a theory, so we need to teach the controversy. The only controversy is how this tiny group of dissenting opinions get to dictate policy(ies)

When Deanne Stillman discussed the Creation Evidence Museum, of Stillman, TX she gave everyone a taste of what was in a Q&A for kids about Noah and the flood:
Were humans different before the flood?"
"...They had no diseases, no asthma, no aches and pains...They never got depressed or scared...They could have jogged for miles without even getting tired!"
"Did people back then have to wear sunscreen?"
"No!...Before the flood there was a canopy of water that stretched around the Earth like a huge bubble...It will be like that again."
"...That's so neat!"
Her article was posted October 5, 2005. It is interesting to note that now on Ocotber 14, 2005 that particular lesson is not available. It is on Lesson 14 (you can't get a direct link. So when you are on the site look through the left column for "Creation Exploration (For Kids)"). Lesson 13 pop's up when you click it, Lesson 15 is the feature on the page, even Lesson 10 pops up when clicked.

But you click Lesson 14 and all you get is Lesson 13.
What? That belief or "proof" can't stand up to the glare of public scrutiny?

Well, when I read this I was hit with a feeling of deja vu. "What?" I thought "This crap is still around?" You see 30 years ago my aunt and cousin were involved in a church that believed this. 20 years ago I was able to help my cousin break free when she sought to extricate herself from the nonsense. I tried to show her that this stuff she had been taught was just a pound of manure.

You see if they had no diseases then they would have been living in years upon years of the debris of those who came before them. Why? Because many diseases are also decomposers.

I wish I could read all of their spoutings on this topic. As it is I'm going to go back and do a little more research.

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Doogman said...

Any time you want to hear all the various nonsensical brayings about Creationism(tm), (not to be confused with 'preyings')(which are definitely not to be confused with 'prayings'), just attend any evangelical church in your area. They're easy to find: look for these common features:

1) Usually within stone-throw of a WalMart
2) Large enough to host most small midwestern towns
3) Parking lot packed with SUVs and full-size sedans
4) Their own 'media van' and high-tech video team
5) Off-duty (yeahright) State Troopers directing traffic

They will hound you to the grave. The only people more persistent than these folks are insurance salesmen and realtors... who, oddly enough, are almost always regular attendees. (I think they get a special discount on the mailing list).

"Faith Factories" is what I like to call them.

'Church' just doesn't apply to a building that costs more than your average middleschool, IMHO.

Clytemnestra said...

LOL, actually this church that they belonged to was a small wingnut church splinter group.

Long time ago I went to an Assembies of God church, for a few months. Quite interesting, especially when the woman, who always seemed to sit behind me, would start "speaking in tongues."

It was always the same thing, same rhythm, rhyme and cadence. One whould think she'd find something else to say.