Monday, October 10, 2005

If I was a betting person

Well I just heard it, and I knew it was coming. Pat Robertson tied the Tsunami, Katrina and the earthquake in Pakistan to the beginnings of the end times, "like a woman in the beginnings of labor." And he says it's going to get worse.

But poor Guatemala escaped being lumped into his "new order" predictions. hmmm I guess their hurricane and mudslides burying whole towns just doesn't cut it.

I could have laid money on what he was going to say. I wonder if any bookies did.

"Are you beginning to get the message?" says Pat

Yeah, we should take better care of our earth, reduce green house emissions, and try and cope the best we can with the damage we've done. Oh and further, like crap, plate-tectonics happen.

But really Pat, and I don't like to be vulgar, you do seem like your on your way to an orgasm over all of this. Or maybe you were just flush from rapture practice.


Jasmine said...

Heh heh heh. Makes me wonder though, what does Islam say about the end of the world and natural disasters? Hey, and what about all the flooding up in your neck of the woods?

Clytemnestra said...

Hey Jasmine, I was just thinking about you. You got Rita, we get floodings!

Our area is okay. Right now I'm spending more time dealing with (fighting with) the city government and their change of plans for the developement set to be built behind us.

The new plan calls for the street prependicular to ours to be made into a through way to the new subdivision (the developer turned one of the homeowners and now has a purchase agreement) thus changing EVERY reason we bought here and wanted to stay here.

So if this plan goes through we will be moving. However, right now we and the other home owners who are getting screwed by this (72 homes are affected) are fighting this tooth and nail.