Friday, September 23, 2005

Chickens come home to roost... again... & again... & again

Though this is a little late, this is the email that had Clytemnestra invite me to take part in the Polis. I emailed it to her 9-11-2005.

One of my friends called me a few weeks ago to tell me he was listening to Fox "News". After outlining all the important topics such as the latest in Iraq, Fox announced the major story of the day -- a football died after a game! My friend then went to CNN, where the major story of the day was -- the football player! In fact, in every channel, that was the major story. Random? Coincidence? Was there NO other story, given the major developments in our lives?

No, it's clear that our media is being tightly coordinated. What a relief it must have been to have Hurricane Katrina, they could just let the media go and the media did what it did best. And what was that?

Rich white people (who could get out), good. Poor black people, bad... deserving of death. All the networks called our citizens "refugees", even though the hungry and dying were from our own country. The demonization continued. Prominent photographs of looters were pictured. I saw on the Bill Maher show, two pictures of people wading through chest high water carrying food. The young African-American had the caption describing her as a looter. The next picture showed two young Caucasian-Americans, and the captions said that these people were lucky to find some food. Same situation, different races. Lies were told by our media to demonize the victims.
To get some of the truth, you have to go outside US media -- here's a link:,,1563470,00.html We were told that people wanted to stay, that it was their own fault. But soon all the lies became evident-- the people were unable to leave, they needed basic necessities, and are victims of constant and structural racism.

By the way, you're fooling yourself if you think that NPR, New York Times, or even the Daily Show is presenting true alternatives to the incessant propaganda. If you can handle the truth, then checkout FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) to really learn about our media. They have links on research on major media like the above, or you can listen to their latest weekly presentation (called Counterspin) at:

NPR supported the administration in the lead-up to thewar. NPR, desperate to support the administration's choice of Bolton, reported that on the first day of his UN appearance, he was "a model of decorum". Presumably, that means he didn't behave like a chimpanzee. Every time I listen to it, it's simply right wing propaganda lite. NPR IS FOR LIBERALS WHO LIKE THEIR BIG OL' HELPING OF RIGHT-WING PROPAGANDA OVERED IN HOLLANDAISE SAUCE instead of the ketchup of Rush and that gang.

As for the NY Times, which called for the impeachmentof Clinton over a blow job and created out of wholecloth the Wen Ho Lee fictional spy case, liedrepeatedly about weapons of mass destruction, and isbeing accused by Vanity Fair of actively covering upthe Karl Rove/ Wilson-Plame Scandal -- THE NY TIMES IS FOR LIBERALS WHO LOVE TO GET THEIR RIGHT-WING PROPAGANDA SPRINKLED WITH SAT WORDS. BUT IT'S STILL RIGHT-WING PROPAGANDA THEY END UP BELIEVING. Again, check out Fair whether or not you think I'm wrong.

The Daily Show? They repeated right wing misrepresentations of a NARAL ad, then Jon Stewart called NARAL an extreme left-wing organization. Let's see... NARAL advocates peaceful protest and legislation to keep abortion safe and legal -- that's extreme leftism. The extreme right targets doctors, bombs clinics, and lies. SEE? EXACTLY THE SAME! And by the way, Stewart kisses the ass of powerful right wingers like Kissinger on the show. The excuse given by the typical "liberal" viewer is that he does it to gain access. Well, that's the same lame excuse the mass media uses.

Did you know that the administration listed three organizations to donate help for the victims ofKatrina -- AND ONE OF THE THREE ORGANIZATIONS IS RUN BY PAT ROBERTSON (who recently called for the assassination of a foreign leader for being a socialist). THIS IS THE SAME ORGANIZATION THAT TOOK DONATIONS FOR AFRICAN, THEN USED THE MONEY TO TRANSPORT MINING EQUIPMENT TO A BUSINESS THAT PAT ROBERTSON WAS AN OWNER!! Check out the following link to hear (or see and hear) FOR FREE and truly alternative media that everyone should listen to [ifyou can handle the truth with SAT words]:

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