Tuesday, September 27, 2005

NOLA is fine, the US is fine, go back to sleep

When I go to the supermarket and see some fantastic headline in the gossip tabloids I don't believe it unless I see it in two other tabloids. Then I figure, it must be true.

One night when we were all waiting for the federal government to finally get it, that their were people in need of dire help, my husband and I turned on the BBC News only to be greeted to a gun fight. At first we were confused, was this NOLA or Iraq? It was NOLA.

Those types of scenes (though I don't know if any of the American media was, as this BBC crew was, taping a gun fight as it happened) of desperate people hungry, tried, thirsty, stressed and scared living in every growing piles of trash and filth, might have made it easy to believe that everything was coming apart at the seams in NOLA.

Now Daily Kos, AmiercaBlog have both picked up on the Pre$$titutes "Extreme NOLA Makeover" story now going on over at The Corner. The right wingers are decrying the exaggerations given by the MSM and NOLA officals. "They" have just discovered it.

But look below at Dr. Dentene's post and follow the first link. That information was already out there. And it was put out there by the left leaning media. As much as Dentene and I disagreed over this post (and we did, sitting across the table while playing a board game. He even accused me of being part of the problem) I have to admit he was on top of this.

While the media reports of massive deaths and rapes was exaggerated. The HELL that these people endured that the MSM reported was not exaggerated and FEMA's inability to respond was not exaggerated. The governments problems, our lack of perparedness, money wasted, cronyism, poverty, the gulf between rich and poor, black and white, etc. was laid bare. And it was laid bare for the whole world to see.

I for one will forgive the media it's exaggeration, if it means the rest of it critical eye will placed back on these issues that it has too long shied away from. It may have just been "confusion" of someone waking up, trying to make sense of things after long asleep.

NOLA was far from an "unpleasant situation" or even a "nightmare" it was hell.

Times-Picayune: Read the whole story

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