Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Just like the ID bracelet I used to have . . .

I'd make this a big long post tonight, I'd also go argue with adam at operation yellow elephant tonight but frankly I am just too tired.

I did read something on Daily Kos about an advisory for hurricane Rita that brought back a childhood memory.

"Evacuating parents were told to take photos of their children and to give them identification in case they get separated."

When I was growing up every year our school would send home an order form for ID bracelets and dog tags for children. Of course there is always MedicAlert but what about children who don't have anything allergies, asthma or such? So I looked and there still is a company that makes child ID bracelets

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Jasmine said...

I'm trying to decide right now whether or not to get the hell out of close-to-dodge. It's hard to judge. One of my babies has had a mystery illness and has been to the ER 4 times this week. Dare I travel 20 hours to family with her? And on and on.