Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Formal Request from a US Citzen for UN Observers

Okay I found Rove's statement about the Republicans being fine in the Novemember elections really, really, scary.

So I went looking on the internet and found this Formal Request for UN Election Observers, by Marc Perkel Rantz.

So I just re-wrote (I've sent a request for permission) and am posting. And this may be something that others to copy and post on their blogs, to help create a momentum for oversight (something Republican's seem to be allergic to).


Formal Request for UN Election Observers

As a citizen of the United States of America - a nation that is supposedly "of the People, by the People, and for the People" and I request that the United Nations formally observe the U.S. elections on Nov. 7, 2006.

The US House of Representatives has passed a measure barring any federal official from requesting United Nations elections observers. If federal officials are prohibited from requesting UN observers then it is the right and the duty of the People to do so. The prohibition itself should be justification for the UN to act.

For the past 5 years there has been not only allegations of election fraud, but legal proof of dirty tricks that denied a significant portion of the US population their franchise. There are also questions as to the integrity of voting machines made by Diebold, the largest maker of electronic voting machines that do not produce a paper trail for confirmation of votes cast. Diebold is the largest maker of electronic voting machines.

I therefore, formally request that all interested nations to send election observers to monitor the November 7, 2006 US elections.

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