Friday, May 19, 2006

The Day the World Wide Web Went BLACK

10 years ago, those of us on fairly new medium, the world wide web, turned all our pages black for 48 hours to protest an internet censorship (the Commincations Decency Act) actl Bill Clinton signed.
Read about it at:

Now with the threat of the removal of net neturality, it may be time to do it again.

I think that ordinary people who use the internet don't know what a big deal this is. They don't know that small businesses they go to on the internet, family web pages, netroots pages, church web pages, schools, clubs, games, game and tv fandom, support group webpages, memorial webpages (like the suicide memorial wall linked to on this blog), small ISPs, etc, websites will be third tiered if they can't pay. Third tiered means that these sites will take more time to load and possibility be unavailable at times, while sites that can pay the big money (Amazon, Ebay, etc.) to cable and phone companies (Verizon, AT&T, Comcast) will be first tiered. This means that their downloads will be fast, always available an uncorrupted. It also means that blogs, whether left or right will be third tiered too.

Also, when these first tiered companies make their huge access payments, who do you think with ultimately pay for it?

So maybe, to bring this threat home to the Average Joe, so he/she will see how this will affects them we need to have another black page protest.

It could look something like this:
Take a closer look here

If you, at this point have no idea what I am talking about, view these videos: See also Moby the Christian Coalition, ACLU, Google, Amazon, and eBay

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