Friday, September 09, 2005

Surreal account of refugee/detainee housing

Thanks to Alas where I saw this story first.

I'm not Christian and I applaud what the Southern Baptist Association of Oklahoma has offered and given. I'm appalled at FEMA continuing to mess things up (which I think they are here).

If even "W's" core constituents are taking a jaundice eye of how people were treated and are treated as they try and recover, how volunteers and donations are welcomed and treated ... remember Geraldo at the Superdome crying on Fox News saying "Let them walk out of here! . . . well then, one can only speculate.

Hopefully now that Brown is out of the way things will go better. But how do you get back to normal life or even rebuild if you are kept in domatories and are unable to come back if you leave to find places to live, jobs or find relatives, what if one day's search is fruitless. For the sounds of it, these people are being stuck in the middle of no where, and in sounds more like a prison.

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