Thursday, July 05, 2007

It's Time for Guerilla Media

In a time when 40% of the population still believes that Iraq and Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9-11 and Valerie Plame was not covert, and the MSM will not disabuse our citizenry of that falsehood, it's time for the type of alternative media practiced in the 1960 and 1970s.

We tend to rely on the web, talk radio, mainstream newspapers and tv. Bust we forget that there are more ways to get the news across.

In many states advertisers stick flyers under windshield wipers of cars where their owners are inside a mall. Why not use that to inform people about the truth? Take a flyer to Kinkos, Office Max, Staples, etc. and $20.00, run however many that will buy and then go to a parking lot and paper the cars, or while people are at work stick a flyer at their front door (do not put it in mailboxes, that's a crime).

Those who know will understand what and why about the flyer. Those who don't, may actually learn something. And those who don't know who might get violent when presented with the truth, well you won't be around.

Always put on your flyer a place on the web can look up the truth. Make sure that at least one of your citations is from a place that even a hard core rightie can't dismiss, like say, from the White House, itself. Make sure that citation is the first one.

Here's an example:
Iraq and Saddam Hussein had NOTHING to do with 9-11

Q Mr. President, Dr. Rice and Secretary Rumsfeld both said yesterday that they have seen no evidence that Iraq had anything to do with September 11th. Yet, on Meet the Press, Sunday, the Vice President said Iraq was a geographic base for the terrorists and he also said, I don't know, or we don't know, when asked if there was any involvement. Your critics say that this is some effort -- deliberate effort to blur the line and confuse people. How would you answer that?

THE PRESIDENT: We've had no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with the September 11th. What the Vice President said was, is that he has been involved with al Qaeda. And al Zarqawi, al Qaeda operative, was in Baghdad. He's the guy that ordered the killing of a U.S. diplomat. He's a man who is still running loose, involved with the poisons network, involved with Ansar al-Islam. There's no question that Saddam Hussein had al Qaeda ties.

White House Archives
Setember 2003

Then include (you might want to put a box around each one).

BUSH: The terrorists attacked us and killed 3,000 of our citizens before we started the freedom agenda in the Middle East.

QUESTION: What did Iraq have to do with it?

BUSH: What did Iraq have to do with what?

QUESTION: The attack on the World Trade Center.

BUSH: Nothing. Except it’s part of — and nobody has suggested in this administration that Saddam Hussein ordered the attack
. Iraq was a — Iraq — the lesson of September 11th is take threats before they fully materialize, Ken. Nobody’s ever suggested that the attacks of September the 11th were ordered by Iraq.

August 2006
Think Progress

This many be all you want to cover in this flyer. It maybe enough to cause some righties to start thinking. And it may cause some heads may explode.

But if the fourth estate refuses to tell the truth. Then we have to.

(In all cases check what's legal in your state, city/town.)

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