Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I've been listening to Cenk Uygur on The Young Turks this morning, all morning including the "after show" show. I rarely do that, I normally switch to Stephanie Miller at 9am ET. But today, and due to the fact that Stephanie Miller and the mooks are on vacation and I needed someone to voice my anger and frustration.

I like Elaine Bossler, but Cenk was/is my voice today.

I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's sentence was commuted to no jail time yesterday. We know that in the last few days of his presidency, Bush will pardon him. The robber barons, and their privileged aristocracy rules. The two tiered justice system, laid open for Paris Hilton, is now not only open but laid bare.

During this morning while listening I have perused DailyKOS, Crooks and Liars, Americablog and Pandagon. And I have been writing letters, lots of letters, in frustration and anger.

The Republicans may dance over this but they only expose how hypocritical they are.

During the Clinton impeachment they trumpeted how the rule of law was important. They said, along with their mouthpieces, Rush Limbaugh, et al. that Clinton lied under oath and that that in itself is important. They poo-ed poo-ed and brought in lawyers to rebut Democratic operatives who said that it was no big thing.

So now that it’s a Republican in trouble, who lied under oath, they have switch to “it’s no big deal.”

At the very least even with all that is going on, stop being hypocritical over this ONE thing.

HE LIED UNDER OATH. He should bare the consequences of that. And don’t whine about the sentence being excessive, it’s was within the sentencing guidelines. Guidelines Republicans used to trumpet as being the equalizer between rich and poor, powerful and downtrodden. Guidelines meant that all would be sentenced equally and removed discretion from judges. And on appeal Republican judges up held Libby's sentence.

Ordinary Americans, Republicans and Democrats, who lie under oath are sentenced under the same guidelines.

Don’t point to me that Clinton did pardon and commuted sentences. I didn’t support Clinton during that time. It's not an equal anology or comparision because people had already served time before the pardon, including Susan McDougal.

Those who make that argument are making a child’s argument and showing intellectual dishonesty and contempt for the American public.

It’s time to impeach. If Pelosi doesn’t see that then she needs to be removed. Beyond making flowery speeches telling the public how much this displeases the members of the House and the Senate, we need to implore them to do something tangible and meaningful. It doesn’t matter if Democrats think they can or can’t get it through, the fact of the matter is that they did something, and they tried.

On Sunday at 12 noon PDT Cenk is going to the Federal Building in L.A. and hold up a sign saying “ENOUGH!” He suggested we all do it, around the country at the city halls or federal buildings where we live. So on Sunday I will make an effort to get to the Federal Building in Boston with my sign “ENOUGH!” – and if I can’t get there, maybe the city hall here will be sufficient.

Update 2:05pm:
White House: Bush won't rule out pardoning Libby entirely
Libby Pardon Possible?

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