Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A dose of guilt with your "free" Marine Windbreaker

This is a deck of 12 cards my son received from the Marines last week. As you read through them, partaking of all the emotional manipulation going on in them, please think of Andrew Madison Rove (son of Karl Rove), the 5 sons of Mitt Romney, Paris Hilton, Jenna and Barbara Bush (they could serve state side), any and all Young Republicans (especially those in college and there a lot of them) who have not and are not serving.

Doesn't the priviledged, upper class think that our way of life is worth protecting, that they need to do their part, or want to make a difference? They that benefit the most from this way of life.

The cards are presented in order (there is a number on the bottom right of the back of each card. To see the larger version, click on it. The band that held the cards has the directions.

Inside Paperboard Cover


Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

Card 5

Card 6

Card 7

Card 8

Card 9

Card 10

Cards 11 and 12 do not have a number on them so it is impossible to tell which order they belong in. Attached to each card is a perforated Business Reply card asking for name, address, phone number, cell number, date of birth, email address (you can check a box for them not to send you anything via email), name of school, last grade completed, and the size for your free windbreaker (offer expiring 7/31/2007).

Interestingly enough on this post card (which anyone can read as it is being handled) is a "Privacy Act Statement." All the information provided will be used for recruiting purposes only.

Card 11

Card 12

Look for more as we go into Bush's second surge to get us to 200,000 troops in Iraq and a plan for us to be there 5 to 10 more years. It is beginning to look enough like Viet Nam yet to you? Or do we need to get to 200 dead American service persons a day? We are now at 5 a day.

Update:Cheap skate Marine corps chose to let our Marines die from IEDs rather than give them the equipment they needed


Red State said...

Obviously your a lost soul. You speak of all the great virtues instilled in you by your mother, yet you are willing to live your easy, prosperous life in total freedom, while millions of others in the world suffer under ruthless theocratic regimes and military dictatorships. Have you ever seen a picture of a clitorectomy? Your a disgrace to all freedom loving people everywhere. When your ilk finally erode our morale enough so that we come crawling home defeated and the ruthless jihadists rule the streets of Iraq thousands of people who believed our promise and stood with us against fascism will watch their families put to the sword before they themselves are tortured and murdered, you can pat yourself on the back and think 'I played some small part in bringing this about.' Are you just racist and think freedom is only for white europeans, or are you just too selfish to contribute blood and treasure to help your suffering neighbors? You're the scum of the earth as far as I'm concerned. I think a good dose of medicine for you would be a good clitorectomy and maybe a good stoning, then maybe you could see the light.

Clytemnestra said...

See this is where you and your kind assume too much. You don't know me, you don't know that I have long worked against clitoridectomy and worked to change minds - long before you probably even knew it existed.

You don't know me, don't assume I'm white.

You don't know me or know of the time, effort and my own money, not even claiming the donation on my taxes (making it a real donation), to help the poor in this country and abroad.

Your president and his policies of disinterest in even knowing what forces were in play Iraq or knowing that there were two major groups of Muslims, Sunni and Shia ... brought the stoning death of Dua Khalil to Iraq.

Don’t come running here to my blog and assume you know me. I’ve been working on this issue of female infanticide, honor killings, clitoridectomy. infibulation, etc for 20 years. When did you learn about it? Do you think that just Muslims practice it? Arab Christians and animists also practice it.

The changes of hearts and minds, the klind that is long term and furnishes results for the future doesn't come from military action, it comes from the kind of work I’ve been part of, slow and steady – the kind that uniformed, senseless, and illegal, military action destroys.

Jesus knew this, I wish you did too.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the blogger of this site for leaving red state's comment -- it is a show of bravery on her part to allow on her blog the insults of a red stater.

What a pathetic bully!! Hiding behind the internet anonymity to post his hatred, unable to make an intelligent argument so he does what conservatives are doing throughout the nation, throughout the world -- he spews and hides.

And like all the other conservatives, he does it in such a way that he bears no sacrifices, no costs, no discomforts... He has nothing to offer the world, twisted with hate and the cowardice of someone who is begining to realize that he and everything he stood for is slipping away into the dustbin of history, and his fear that history has already placed a judgement on him.

It all reeks of sad desperation on his part.

And yet, sad, pathetic cowards like this ultimately bring us all down -- for the moment. In the long run, they expose themselves for what they are, and we know all the better that we are the better.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Thank you, red state, for reminding us who you and your fellow conservatives really are.

Dr. Dentene

graymatter said...

So what has red state's Dear Leader done for these "millions of others in the world suffer(ing) under ruthless theocratic regimes and military dictatorships"? In Sudan? Our "ally" Uzbekistan? China, to whom Bu$h kowtows more with each trade agreement, despite their appalling human rights violations?

Nothing. Less than nothing. This one needs to see Dubya and Pickles swing from a rope. After having been tried, convicted and sentenced for their crimes, of course. Due process. What a concept.