Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Even the Queen get's it

Following the Queen's return to the UK her carbon footprint will be calculated and offset for the first time for a state visit.

Buckingham Palace will make a donation to an environmental charity to offset the plane journeys made by the Royal couple and their entourage. - - BBC
Even the Queen get's global warming, and buying carbon offsets. Will somone explain it again to Bush, Inhofe and Craig, maybe using crayons and a felt board this time.


jessica said...


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Red State said...

Get a clue honey. Educate yourself on climate change and you'll come to realize what a scam the CO2/global warming theories are. Do your own research, don't just absorb what certain people tell you. Here's a good place to start.

Remember those retreating glaciers that are a sign of our impending doom? Well, since they've been retreating, we've found evidence that people once lived where the glaciers once stood, not so long ago in fact. Get your facts straight before you go and weigh in on something so critically important to our future. But if your still convinced in the carbon link, send me a check for $100 and I'll make sure your carbon footprint is covered for the rest of your life. I'll plant a few trees for you here on my farm.

Clytemnestra said...

yeah, that's why most of the civilized world and 99.9% of scientists beleive in global warming

it's just us (meaning US president, many in the Republican party, oil company and their paid scientisit and people like Red State) that doesn't

Jeez even Pat Roberston even beleives in global warming now.

But go ahead dazzle us with ur smarts.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Polis for gaining an official troll. Six words into his post, and I'm laughing!