Monday, January 22, 2007

Hillary's handlers are already failing her

Now I am willing to admit that I may be irritated about this ad soley because of James Carville and Paul Begala. I do not like them and I find this ad of arrogant and annoying

I mean really, was the conversation not already in progress before Hillary threw her hat into the ring? Haven't we in netroots and the grassroots(readers, bloggers, and activists) been discussing the future of our country already?

"Let the conversation begin"???? Hillary's stances on the war, etc. have made her late to the party. She's playing catch up. This is where her handlers are going to mess up her campaign and maybe our chance at the presidency. Democrats are too willing to give this a pass, no knowing or understanding that is it this very framing of words that gives the Republican's power to paint her as an aloof, uncaring, arrogant, shrew.

She is reportedly a very warn, caring, and genuine individual. If her handlers are going to continue with these kind of statement of the presumptive heir, well it's lost before it's begun.

But then again, it may just be me who is totally put off by this ad.

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Anonymous said...

I already predicted that she's not going to run -- meaning she'll back out before officially running. (Of course, she's been running for Pres right after she was elected Senator, but I think she's seeing the writing on the wall).

On the PLUS side... maybe she's just doing a head fake to throw the Repugs off balance. Naw... maybe... naw...