Monday, January 22, 2007

Dear Ms. Hillary Rodham-Clinton

Dear Ms. Hillary Rodham-Clinton,

I am writing you this open letter because you have now formed an exploratory committee for the office of the President of the United States.

I wish you well, however from this side of the aisle I want to make something clear.

I fully believe and blame our loss of the House and Senate 12 years ago, and the loss of the Presidency 6 years ago on your husband and his campaign administration, this includes James Carville and Paul Begala. Triangulation is only good for one campaign cycle and then is can’t be used again for a generation.

It can only be used once, after that it allows your opponents (and they have radio stations and microphones) to define what you are and your party is, without being effectively and locally challenged. People remember being "snubbed" and ignored. This allowed Limbaugh and the like to use the term “fly over country” to make the populace feel unimportant to your husband and his administration. It allowed those who are diametrically opposed to Democrats to paint the party as elitist and people who only believe that certain places were important. Your husband administration did nothing to counter that.

Howard Dean (who Carville and Bagala have maligned), however, believes that we must be on the ground in every state and hamlet letting people know who we are and that we must define ourselves. His vision is combined with our upsurge in recognizing that we also must have the platform of talk radio are major reasons we now have the House and Senate. He’s the one who brought us to the dance, and I believe you need to remember that.

Forgetting that you seem to be the darling Democratic candidate of the right, which I am highly suspicious of, getting advice from any of those I and many progressive Americans feel are the reasons we lost the House, the Senate and the White House will cause great alarm and re-evaluation.

If you do get the nomination and if there is any hint of the business and triangulation used in your husband’s campaigns. I will do something that I said I would never do, vote for an independent candidate. I’m not alone in my feelings about this and I believe the netroots would do and endorse something similar.

You carry the baggage of your husband’s failures; please do not make the same mistakes.


caffeine soldier said...

Good points, Clytemnestra! Those advisors are capable of ruining any campaign. Gore and Kerry are evidence of this. For every voter they win with their triangulation, two run away because they lost trust in the honesty of the candidate any more. And Carville sems to be one of the worst of that bunch.

F*** their alleged successes. It has to be asked: How high would charme master Bill Clinton have won without them?

Anonymous said...

Here's an insight you'll only find on this blog -- part of the reason that triangulators get elected is because Liberals are constantly thinking they can out-triangulate the politicians. Meaning that typical Liberal voters say things like, "they are just saying that right-wing stuff to get elected," and then are shocked when the politicians continue to be right wing.

And I don't put it past this site blogger to be one of those. Otherwise, through what the Decoycrats say and don't say, if you weren't trying to triangulate your vote, you'd vote Nader. No, I'm not saying you should or shouldn't vote Nader, I'm saying you're fools for thinking you can triangulate your vote.