Sunday, October 23, 2005

GOP take on the mayor early

My husband and I were watch Law and Order Criminal Intent tonight when a political advertisement came on opposing Cranston Mayor, Stephen Lafferty. On first glance it's a pretty straight forward political attack add. In a small city of 80,000, Lafferty spent $15,000 in city money on surveillance cameras to catch city employees napping, raised taxes and the ad detailed some other problem which I can't remember now (but will edit in when I see the ad again).

Now the ad doesn't say whether it is targeting a possible mayoral re-election run in 2006 or for a possible senate run. One is actually left to assume it's to counter a possible mayoral re-election run. And that's when this ad takes a surreal quality. This attack ad is paid for by the National GOP Senate Committee.

Shot across the bow? Perhaps.

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