Friday, October 19, 2007

Clytemnestra's Variety Show

I really miss the variety shows of yore. They were not only a chance to see quality entertainment, but they exposed us to the talents of our neighbors and the world. No competitions, no call in votes, these shows sent out scouts to find the talent to be on the show. Sometimes they missed, but in general there was always something you could enjoy. And with all the "processed" entertainment we have today, there was a good natured spontaneity, devoid of plots, deviousness and triangulation, that you can't find today.

Variety shows stretched beyond ideologies, feelings of war, social problems and for a moment, just for a moment, it would provide commonality, peace and good will. With all the hardness, contention, bitter discord between red and blue state America, maybe we should bring back the entertainment form.

If I could host a variety show, it would be all live. We'd bring the talent to Boston (or wherever), in front of live audience

But since I can't here is my first "variety show" using YouTube with living talent and talent that has passed away.

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