Friday, June 22, 2007

BillO and delusions of grandeur.

Yesterday Bill O'Reilly used the royal "we" when interviewing Medea Benjamin and Robin Swanson about Hillary Clinton

Here's BillOs quote:
"We expect Hillary to get the nomination".
This reveling in many ways. Now it's will be no surprise that he is probably an active part of the network of neo-cons trying to make sure Hillary is the Democratic nominee (they will probably encourage cross over voting considering their lack luster choices thus far -- and helping to ensure who their sorry candidate will face) because they feel that Hillary is so polarizing she'll be easy to beat.

It also illustrates just how inflated his own ego (we already knew that), but how far in delusion he his falling.

Oyay, Oyay, Oyay, all bow to King Bil_____

Thanks Seamus!

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