Tuesday, April 03, 2007

FLASH! President Bush just confirmed he can't do math

In President Bush's press conference today he spoke of carbon/environmental offsets and that China will put so much greenhouse gas into the air as to nullify gains we do in limiting our own output of greenhouse gases.

But wait a minute if we put 1 pound of greenhouse gases into the air and China puts 1 pound of greenhouse gases into the air that's 2 pounds. 1+1=2

But if we put no greenhouse gas into the air and China still puts 1 pound into the air that is only 1 pound of gas into the air. 0+1=1

So, uh, wait, that's only 1 pound greenhouse of gas if we limit of do not produce greenhouse gas vs. 2 pounds of greenhouse gases if we do nothing. And yet some how China's production of greenhouse gases will nullify all our gains. So in Bush's world 1 = 2

So if we 30 pounds in the air last year and only put 15 pound of greenhouse gases in the air, and China still puts 30 pounds into the air . . . that's still a loss of 15 pounds into the air, that's not nullifying. 30+30=60 vs 15+30=45

Maybe Dubbya needs to go back to school . . . we have that nifty "No Child Left Behind Now."

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