Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We need to label her for what she is

Well, gee, it's been along time since I posted. Sorry, life just got in the way, along with about a week spent in the hospital. Nothing serious and I'm alright now.

There seems to be, and rightly so, growing furor over Ann Coulter's comments when she spoke to the CPAC convention over the weekend. AmericaBlog and Crooks and Liars, DailyKos etc. are regularly posting updates. I don't have the time and the stomach to read the major right wing blogs. But I have heard that many of them are not happy with her either.

Today Crooks and Liars posted Countdown's interview with Rachel Maddow about Coulter's comments. It's so nice to hear Rachel again. Since we lost our progressive talk radio in Boston and I'm behind the wheel during Rachel's show, I don't get to hear her much any more.

Rachel is so good on on pointe with analysis, I wish she were commenting more on tv.

Today on Stephanie Miller's radio show her guest host (because she's on vacation), Elaine Bosler, suggested that we on the left start prefacing anything we say about Coulter with the words "Republican Spokesperson." Combined that sentiment with Rachel's analysis and there is a great reason for doing this. Coulter, according to Maddow, is a Replubican/Conservatve rock star. She is one of their best selling authors, no matter how horrible and outrageous we find her comments through the years, they constantly give her a platform (even when they give lip service to how horrible what she said was), they like to hear from her, ergo she must be speaking for them, so let them "wear" her.

I hope that progressive blogs do adopt referring to Coulter as "Republican Spokesman (person) Ann Coulter."

On another note:

Please sign our petition to get progressive talk radio back in Boston.


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