Friday, June 16, 2006

Al-Masri, Al-Fakey?

I was listening to Air America Radio this morning. Rachel Maddow was commenting on the photo that the US military had of Abu Ayyub al-Masri, alias Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Muhajir (the new al-Qaida leader in Iraq).

She felt that al-Masri (al-Muhajir) had been invented because, no expert in terrorists from Egypt had ever heard of him. She felt that Bush administration and military leaders believe we need a bad guy to rally against, so they invented him. The photo of "him" she contends, has been through "Photo Shop."

So I looked at the photo myself. . . Shazzam! It looks like the left side of the face is from a completely different person than the right side!

Seriously, the right eyebrow, moustache and beard is bushier and thicker than the left side. In fact the left eyebrow looks sculpted (think tweezing or waxing). The "mono" brow protion looks off too.

And if that weren't enough the left nostral is far smaller than the right.

hmmm Rachel may have something!


Samurai Sam said...

Bush needs his super-villain to complete his comic book reality. It's sad that so many Americans still fall for this bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done... now what you need to do is contact Crooks and Liars and and have them post your link. Nicely done -- you're right. Of course, they can't make a picture of someone verifiable because if you actually found the person... hat's off to you, Cindy. This and your number of theaters showing Inconvenient Truth should be linked to broader audiences.

Enough of the love fest -- you're still too conservative...

Clytemnestra said...

See this what happens after not reading my blog for months on end (I didn't know who you were until the "conservative" coment) -- this story is very old and totally out of the news cycle now.

This is also why you need to sign our petition to get Progressive Talk back in Boston. If I hadn't heard Rachel Maddow I wouldn't have pulled up a picture.

So stop giving me all the excuses why you aren't signing the petition and just DO IT!

I may be more to the right of you in the left side of the spectrum - but I'm also more active that you in trying to go after problems from many different directions to effect change.

You have a young daughter and a son now. You owe it to them to check some of your cynicism at the curb and work for change, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Will it have DemocracyNow? Because that's the ONLY alternative radio that I know of, and the rest is just a different stripe of conservatism. Including what's her name who likes Carville and Begala so much. Sorry, I'm still hesitating to put my energy into something more than superficial change.

Clytemnestra said...

Because my dear friend, it is one part in a many pronged process.

Signing the petition allows us to show that there is indeed a market for Progressive Talk, but showing the numbers.

This increases the "evidence" that Clear Channel is not in it for Capitalistic value. It also shows another company that there is a market here. etc. etc. etc.

It's not useless AND the petition helped reverse Madison.