Wednesday, April 26, 2006

FEMA, the first to GO

The neo-cons, the face and blood of the new Republican party, had a plan. Take good, functioning programs and departments, in some case "jewels in USA's crown" and mire them in red tape, lack of funding, incompotent cronyism, political hackery, bureaucracy. Then have it falter under either the added weight of this new load, or so unworkable as to frustrate and cause abandoment of it, add in a trillon dollar debt so that there is additional pressure and voila! departments/programs will be abolished.

The first for this recommendation is FEMA "Senate Panel Recommends Abolishing FEMA"

Describing FEMA as a "shambles and beyond repair," Collins said the overall report "will help ensure that we do not have a repeat of the failures following Hurricane Katrina."

Well it wasn't before the Republicans took over... it worked well and was a jewel we proudly pointed to.

It [panel] proposes creating a new agency, called the National Preparedness and Response Authority, that would plan and carry out relief missions for domestic disasters. Unlike now, the authority would have a direct line of communication with the president during major crises, and any dramatic cuts to its budget or staffing levels would have to be approved by Congress.

It would also oversee efforts to protect critical infrastructure such as buildings, roads and power systems, as well as Homeland Security's medical officer. But the inquiry calls for keeping the agency within Homeland Security, warning that making it an independent office would cut it off from resources the larger department could provide.

But didn't FEMA have that during Clinton? Didn't FEMA WORK under Clinton? Wouldn't FEMA and the US taxpayer be better served if it were once again a separate stand alone agency, with compotent people at the helm.

What will be next on the chopping block? The Republican long despised Department of Education?

I seriously had one Republican lawyer tell me that his group does not believe the government should nor has an obligation to educate it's citizenry.


Samurai Sam said...

Welcome back!!

It really disgusts me that Joementum was in on this as well. One month before hurrican season starts the last thing we need is Lieberman giving an air of bipartisanship to this stupidity.

Good call on the Dept. of Education as well. It seems any time I read about cuts to government conservatives would like to make (you know, if only really, really real conservatives could get elected) is to deep six the Dept. of Education. That's both a racist and classist policy and they should be called on the carpet for it.

Clytemnestra said...

Thanks Samurai! It's nice to be back. I'm slowly getting more free time since we've completed much of the leg work to oppose a sub-division that is trying to go up behind us.

After reading your comment I got the idea for the "Republican Tool" (see above0 .. you inspired it!