Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hello?! Washington Republicans, are you listening?

Yesterday Colorado voted to "give up" $3.7 billion in tax refunds over the next five years to ease their strict spending limits imposed by TABOR (Taxpayer's Bill of Rights). They agreed to do this instead of cutting services (education, roads, etc.) and borrowing 2.1 billion dollars.

Turn out for this vote was higher than expected. So high infact that several polling places ran out of ballots.

Washington Republican's are you hearing this? You've told us over and over again that the "nation" wants their money back. What might this tell you about the mood of the country?

Are you going to continue to put the lives and welfare of women, children, the poor, the elderly and the powerless in jeapordy? Are you going to continue to mortgage the future of the nation's children by your continued reckless borrowing? Are you going to continue to hand back tax "rebates" (that depleted a "rainy day reserve")? Or are you going to start listening to the people?

This red state could be your bell weather of things to come. I hope so.

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Clytemnestra said...

Hey doogman(I know you'll be here), congratulations! I called my parents Saturday and asked them how they were voting. You all won!

Doogman said...

Yes, despite a spectacular, well-funded, relentless barrage of lying television ads, C passed and D came within a few percent of passing.

HA!!!!!! (Spits in the face of the out-of-state wankers that conducted the lie campaign)

Obviously, more than half the voters in Colorado have a BRAIN. Oooh. Bad news for '06.

As for D not passing, well, when the rich nitwits in Weld and Larimer county start losing hubcabs on their Escalades and Land Rovers, maybe then they'll figure out that the roads DO take more money to maintain.

Or maybe when a bridge collapses as a schoolbus is crossing it, maybe THEN they'll wake up. Oh, wait, none of THEIR kids GO to public schools.

Monied interests in Colorado are clearly working extra hard to shut down ANY kind of Progressive trend - and they're FAILING.

Could it be that we still use PAPER BALLOTS???
Could it be that Hart Intercivic is being watched like the felons they are?
Could it be that the voters in Colorado have had QUITE ENOUGH (thank you) of being butt-raped by developers and wealthy clowns with god complexes?

yes, Yes and OH DAMMIT YES.

Now, back to your regularly-scheduled corruption.


Anonymous said...

Hey, another Americablogger here .. voted in the election so I am one of those progressives who voted "Yes" on Ref C and D.

We also had a vote to shut down a new Walmart being built in Westminster where I live. Interestingly although we didn't win we came within 3% of passing that one too.