Thursday, October 20, 2005

Who might proceed Cheney

Okay, so this might be the product of a Nyquil induced haze, but I was thinking of who might proceed Cheney when (if) he's indicted, prosecuted and ends up in jail.

Personally, I think Bush will put in a woman. With all that's going on and going down in this White House, one sure way to cement a positive note for himself in history is to get a woman (finally) in the "second chair."

And he will pick someone he knows.

So who might it be?
Condi Rice
Harriet Miers
Karen Hughes
Allison Barber

Had it not beeen for the "Iraq Group" I would have also included Mary Matalin.


Samurai Sam said...

Rice might be good politics in advance of the 2006 elections. Bush, and the Republican party in general, couldn't be doing much worse with African-American voters at this point. Appointing Rice as the new VP might at least give the appearance that Bush is concerned about any minorities (besides the very rich). Plus, I don't see any reason why Rice wouldn't pass confirmation in the Senate.

On the other hand, this would also be a great way to withdraw the disasterous Miers nomination and save face. Either way, no more Cheney is a good thing for everyone.

BTW, I will get that Schulz link up soon as I have some time to blog at home. I plead the 5th on where I'm blogging from now...

Clytemnestra said...

Ah, your incognito or deep under cover! got it :-)

Dan McKenzie said...

Lawrence O'Donnell mentioned Colin Powell as a possibility if he's left to run for President in '08.

He mentioned it in that interview with John D'Amato of