Wednesday, October 12, 2005

When will the left cry for and demand their "Parental Rights?"

I have to admit that over the past 2 years my feelings toward Christians has taken a direct hit. I know it's totally due to the Evangelical Christian lack of respect for other faiths and other peoples, and how they sometimes deceive to get to their ends (I despised the Taliban but they were somewhat right. The "Jesus" film that Curry and Mercer were showing is a evangelism conversion tool. Curry and Mercer were deceptive and dishonest in what they were doing. )

I now carefully read through any charity's website that I am thinking of giving to, to make sure it isn't Christian. If it is, I don't give. Yes I know there are a lot of Christian charities out there who do their good work as a service to mankind, and do not proselytize. But since one can never be sure, especially with deceptive practices, I give to nothing that's Christian. It also bother's me greatly that the American Red Cross is asking FEMA to reimburse religious charities for their work in Hurricane Katrina and Rita.

I don't want my federal tax dollars going to Operation Blessing, or anything like that that puts tracks into it's relief hand outs. If we Muslim's did anything like that we'd be handed our heads as trying to "take over" America. Why should my tax dollars similarly go to supporting another religion's proselytization?

Like wise I am very unhappy about the abortion debate, and unhappier still with American Muslim leaders. In the rush to become a voting block they left several of our religious beliefs affecting social policy outside in the cold. One of those stands left freezing in the cold is that of abortion.

Muslim's believe that only a human being has a soul, and that a human fetus is not imbued with a soul by God until after it's 3rd trimester ends. Therefore we believe that abortion in the first trimester is okay because it is not yet human but animal. We also believe that abortion in self-defense (abortion to protect the life of the mother) is a right But American Muslim leaders, mostly men, haven't even touched that discussion. It seems that they are willing to wait for the extreme right to make all abortion illegal before we even go there.

But really, I say to the religious right, "KEEP YOUR RELIGION OFF MY BODY!" I have no desire to force my religion upon you, please do not force yours on me.

But the thing that really brought this to the floor today was agape press's "Tracks for Halloween" (hat tip to Crooks & Liars and World o' Crap) . When Cly sent me this link I felt my blood beginning to boil again. How dare they.

To be straight (Cly is right there too) they are doing an end run around a parent's right to decide what faith or no faith to bring their children up in. Let's be clear and use the language they've used to challenge what they perceive as governmental interference in their families. They have used the term "Parental Rights" to gain a lot of head way into respecting their choices and their values. But this is an end run around the parental rights of non-Christian's. This is again saying, "We demand you respect how we choose to raise our children, But we will disrespect your rights as parents to raise yours."

There are Muslim children who trick-or-treat, just like their are Jewish children, Pagan children, Hindu children, Sikh children, Atheist children etc. etc. etc. How much disrespect are these parents going to tolerate before and until they start hoisting the same banner and use the same language to protect their children?

What will it take? A Scientology track in the candy haul of an evangelical youngster?

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