Thursday, October 06, 2005

They'd be running through the town naked

So today I was driving home and flipping through the radio stations, when I came to WHJY and Charles. Now, often Charles makes a claims and reads "news" reports that I, once home, simply cannot find. I've learned to take him with a grain of salt, unlike some of my contemporaries who seem to view him as g-d.

Well tonight he and Laurenti (Charles' sidekick) were talking about the president's speech earlier today. Charles spoke about how the president said that they had stopped ten terrorist attacks. When asked to explain how and when, McClellan gave details about three and then replied that he couldn't give information on the other seven for national security reasons. (Baaaaahaaaahaaaa)

Well both Charles and Laurenti have, like many of us, figured out that the president beats us over the head with terrorism and 9-11 whenever his polls numbers or support for Iraq go down. C&L then made a point by saying that *if* the president and his administration had actually foiled ten attempts, they'd be running through the streets, possibly naked, letting us know about it and what a great job they were doing!

Point made.

It's also interesting for me to read that I wasn't the only one who picked up on how Bush' speech could also be applied to Bush himself (Huffington Post)

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