Friday, October 21, 2005

Baptist 'comic books' distributed - warn of dangers of Islam & homosexuality

from "Inside Bay Area"
The small publication warned of the dangers of Islam, homosexuality and the teaching of evolution, while hailing the importance of traditional Baptist Christian values.

Pastor Gregory Bowser said he was not targeting Tracy Unified specifically with the message, but rather a national school system that promotes "anti-Christian propaganda" and its own "cultural agenda."

"There is too much anti-scholarly information being disseminated in schools across the country," said Bowser, noting that his church's presence was an informational effort and "not a protest."

Although the comic book discouraged homosexuality and identified Islam as a dangerous belief, Bowser said his main issue was with the teaching of evolution in public schools.

"There is nothing scientific about evolution. It is more of a philosophy than anything else," Bowser said, adding that he had studied science before finding his way to the ministry. "Unless it can be tested and proven, it's not science."
Yes, it's so wonderful to feel so much love from the country of your birth. On a positive note we Muslims have replaced feminism as a major American problem.

In email exchanges I've had with John Aravosis (AMERICAblog) he has wondered allowed why Muslims and gays don't share resources against all of this, since we are both pummeled by the same groups.

The answer is that we are, as a community dealing with many of the issues Christians dealt with 3 decades ago, child abuse, domestic violence, etc. While there are a lot of American Muslims who couldn't care less about what goes on in the bedroom of two consenting adults. Many still do.

Some will see this as where the Qu'ran is a living document and grows to encompass new scientific and psychological discoveries. Others will say, just as many Christians have said, "No! This is firm and uncompromising." It will probably "shake out" much as it has with Christians; two different sides.

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