Friday, September 23, 2005

"What Afghanistan was during the Soviet occupation, Iraq is now"

"What Afghanistan was during the Soviet occupation, the blooding ground for a generation of Al-Qeada, that is what Iraq has become today . The blooding ground of the next gveneration of Al-Qaeda." - Michael Ware, Reporter for Time Magazine

Before the US invaded Iraq, there was no Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Al-Qaeda hated Saddam and he feared them. He knew they would like nothing better than to take him out. We could have left Saddam alone, finished the job in Afghanistan. And then dealt with him. But we didn't.

And in turn we prosecuted this war badly. But how do we get out?

Dr. Andrew Krepinevich, Jr, Executive Director of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments and professor at George Mason University article in Foreign Affairs Magazine , "How to Win in Iraq"

He projects a 10 year war costing hundreds of billions of dollars.

How can we afford that?

Listen to the "On Point" Interview

This was a war of choice, but Bush has made this a war that we can't easily walk away from.

Barry Posen, professor of political science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on the same "One Point" program, just wants us to let the country go to a civil war (isn't it is one now). Then later we can pick up the pieces.

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