Thursday, September 15, 2005

Michael Brown and Mitt Romney

NYTimes has an interview with former FEMA Director Micheal Brown NY Times
I actually have a tape of the interview, to listen click here.

The interview was really stunning

"Mr. Brown said that in one much-publicized gaffe - his repeated statement on live television on Thursday night, Sept. 1, that he had just learned that day of thousands of people at New Orleans's convention center without food or water - "I just absolutely misspoke." In fact, he said, he learned about the evacuees there from the first media reports more than 24 hours earlier, but the reports conflicted with information from local authorities and he had no staff on the site until Thursday. "

Okay, so you "absolutley misspoke" several times to several different reports, networks, and anchors?

Fool me once . . .

The rest was as reported on Americablog

Some day soon I will post my thoughts on Mitt, the Git, Romney, but I need to go study. For now here's the link to the Boston Globe article
and Americablog's take.

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