Saturday, September 24, 2005

Goading or not understanding the terrorists at all?

From the NYTimes

WASHINGTON, Sept. 21 - President Bush on Wednesday for the first time linked the American response to terrorism and its response to Hurricane Katrina, declaring that the United States is emerging a stronger nation from both challenges, and saying that terrorists look at the storm's devastation "and wish they had caused it."

The President is either showing that he knows nothing about the enemy, since Al-Qaeda members will believe that God caused all this trouble for the US in retribution for Iraq, et. al. If this is the caase then it would also further understanding of why he did not prosecute this war properly in Iraq, one he took us into, this optional, unnecessary and illegal war.

Or is he attempting to goad Al-Qaeda into making a statement, or into action. This of course would focus Americans onto fear and the terrorists, instead of his failures. This refocusing (smoke and mirrors) might help him regain his swagger or at least help him rise in the polls. I mean he did find a way to link Hurricane Katrina and terrorism, in the same paragraph no less.

It's a mess!

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